The Recreation Deck

January 31st, 2013 (No Comments)

Web-Photos-020The Villa’s House Rules spell out specifically the rules for use of the Recreation Deck including the wet bar, kitchen, barbeque areas (Section IV, page 5-6). Glass or other kinds of breakable material should not be used, except behind the wet bar. There is no smoking allowed at all. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Residents are responsible for

Storage Lockers

January 31st, 2013 (No Comments)

Long-time residents at The Villa are aware that it isn’t too wise to store valuables in the storage lockers provided to all apartments. Unfortunately these lockers are located in a public area and too easily accessible to everyone. The security staff of The Villa does their best to prevent anyone from breaking into the lockers; however, it is impossible to keep them under surveillance all the time. Therefore, Villa Management