December 2014

The Villa Voice
Volume 3 by Atrious Alexander General Manager

downloadLet’s Keep the Noise Down

We all have neighbors around us, that is part of living in a condominium and community association. Please be considerate of your fellow residents and do your best to keep noise down, especially after hours. No one likes being awakened by barking dogs in the middle of the night. Our four legged friends are subject to the same rules as the Residents who own them. On a related note, please be aware that since you do live in an apartment and not a house there is going to be more noise than if you were by yourself. So consideration needs to run both ways, we each need to be more considerate and tolerant of others if we’re going to live here with any level of peace or harmony. So thank you in advance for helping to be good neighbors.

download (1)We’re Going Green

Help The Villa in our continuing efforts to go green. Inside each trash room there are small bins which can be used to segregate your paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and plastic. We empty this once a day or more if necessary. It doesn’t matter which bin you use. Our contractor takes it all together as a mixed recycling and sorts it for us. If you have large items or boxes we ask that you bring those down and put them in the large dumpster which is in the back. And, you may ask security to assist you if need be.

EmergencyJust a Reminder

  • Please do not throw anything off of the lanais (water, rubbish, cigarette butts, etc.). Also, please do not hang anything on the lanais’ railing.
  • All occupants need to register with the General Manager or Security within 48 hours of occupancy.
  • Residential Apartments shall not be used for commercial business’s or trades of any kind.
  • If an emergency concerns FIRE, POLICE, or MEDICAL—Dial 911.
  • If an emergency concerns plumbing, electrical, etc. which endangers life or property, and it cannot wait until the next business day, notify the Security Desk ASAP.
  • The motor court in the front is for 15 minute loading or unloading only. Anyone leaving their vehicle unattended must sign in with security. We will begin towing vehicles that park in or block the entrance and exit ways.

EmergencyAir Conditioner Servicing

Have you had your AC serviced recently? The AC’s are always up and coming. We offer a basic service in house for free as a courtesy to all owners/residents. Once a quarter (every 3 months)
we will come in for basic service with your permission only. At least 1/4 of our notices go unreturned. The result of the non responses is that every week we consistently get leaks caused by a neglected AC units. If you’re not having your unit professionally serviced or you are a tenant and in doubt please call us. Don’t wait until there is a problem which affects you and others. This has become a building-wide problem and will ultimately increase our cost of insurance which affects the owners maintenance fees, and may be passed on to tenants as an increase
in rent.