The Recreation Deck

downloadThe Recreation Deck

The Villa’s House Rules spell out specifically the rules for use of the Recreation Deck including the wet bar, kitchen, barbeque areas (Section IV, page 5-6). Glass or other kinds of breakable material should not be used, except behind the wet bar. There is no smoking allowed at all. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests and the rules should be followed even if the gathering is not at the wet bar or barbeque areas.

Storage Lockers

downloadStorage Lockers

Long-time residents at The Villa are aware that it isn’t too wise to store valuables in the storage lockers provided to all apartments. Unfortunately these lockers are located in a public area and too easily accessible to everyone. The security staff of The Villa does their best to prevent anyone from breaking into the lockers; however, it is impossible to keep them under surveillance all the time. Therefore, Villa Management would like to remind all residents that valuable items should not be stored in the lockers.